Work Visa for Italy

Work Visa for Italy

Types of italy work visa for non-EU citizens


In order to be employed by an Italian company, a non-EU citizen must have a valid italy work permit. The employer that is going to employ the worker is responsible for starting the work permit application at the Public Office relevant to the place of work.

The Italian law provides for several types of work permits, each of them depending on the object of the work mission.

The principal visa type for temporary employment is the work permit for highly qualified workers (extra quotas entries Art. 27).

Within this law, different categories of workers are admitted, according to the specific professional profiles.

Three different types of visa entries/work permits are issued according to the most common types of assignment:

  1. Art. 27 Let. A– the authorisation to work and the relative residency authorisation (Permit to Stay) for subordinate work allows a manager, or highly qualified staff member employed by a foreign or Italian company with its legal siege abroad, to be seconded to a foreign or Italian company with legal siege in Italy. Essential condition; is that the companies must be affiliated or part of the same business group. To qualify as an intra-company transferee, the foreign worker must remain on home payroll and have highly qualified experience for at least six months in the same field.

Temporary transfer, whose length is dependent on the company’s real needs, is defined and predetermined in time, and cannot surpass five years overall, including eventual extensions.

At the end of the temporary transfer, the worker may be hired by the branch company with a fixed or open ended contract.

  1. Art.27 Let. G– This law applies to employees of companies or organisations operating in Italy admitted temporarily, by request of the employer, to fulfill specific functions or tasks, for a fixed or limited period of time, bound to leave Italy once these tasks and functions are accomplished. Entry can only be allowed for qualified subordinate work to carry out certain work or services for which specific skills are required. The Home and Host Company should belong to the same Group or a joint-venture group.
  2. Art.27 Let. I– This law allows a foreign worker employed by a foreign company to be assigned in Italy in order to perform specific services on the basis of a outsource work contract (Contratto d’Appalto). The Home and Host Companies do not belong to the same Group; they only  share a business relationship.

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