The EU Approved the Directive n°2018/957 on the Posting of Workers

On 29 July 2018, the new directive came into effect. All EU Member States have until 30 July 2020 to transpose the new obligations into their national legislation.
Here are the main changes:

Maximum duration of posting

  • Up to 18 months (a 12-month initial period with a possible 6-month extension on the basis of a justification provided to the host country).

Posted workers’ remuneration

  • The posted workers’ remuneration will have to be equal to the local workers’.
  • It will also have to include all the bonuses local workers receive.
  • Member States are obliged to post on an official website a list of the elements constituting the remuneration and the working conditions that must be respected in compliance with the national legislation

Application of CBAs to all posted workers

  • The hard core rules included in collective bargaining agreements are also applicable to posted workers, no matter the field to which the worker belongs.

Two new elements added to the “hard core”

  • The conditions for the accommodation of workers when the employer offers housing to people working away from their usual place of work
  • Allowances or reimbursement of expenses to cover travel, accommodation and meal costs for workers who are away for professional reasons

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