Arletti Partners Terms & Conditions

1. General Introduction

This web site is owned and powered by Arletti & Partners.

Arletti & Partners, complying with Italian privacy regulations, grants privacy and security of web users’ personal data, including international internet access.

This policy discloses what information Arletti & Partners gathers about you when you visit  web site.

It describes how Arletti & Partners use, control and protect your information.

This policy is in line with Arletti & Partners guidelines and Italian privacy regulations.

2. Personal Information You Provide to Arletti & Partners

If you decide to provide personal information to us, you will release an authorisation to process your personal information. Data is neither released to third parties nor generally disclosed without your specific authorisation. You may at any time at your convenience withdraw your authorisation.

3. Information Gathered and Tracked

Arletti & Partners may collect and use two kinds of information about our web users:

-aggregated tracking data is collected when users interact with us.

-data related to hardware and software of our web users gathered both independently through software tools our analysis.

Said information concern:

1.     IP address;

2.      Browser type;

3.      Internet service provider;

4.      Operating system;

5.      Domain name and address of the accessing/exiting web sites;

6.      Information on web site pages visited by web users;

7.      Access time;

8.      Stay on the same page;

9.      Click stream analysis.

Said information does not provide any personal data of the web user. Said information is used and gathered anonymously to improve the service quality and provide statistical information about the web site use.

4. Cookies

Cookies are a information stored in the computer during web site surfing, to process and identify data use.

A Cookie is a small file and will not take up space on the hard drive.

A Cookie is transferred from the web user hard drive to store the visited areas of a given web site.

This will allow the web user to reach pages of a previously visited web site with ease and speed.

There are several types of cookies.

1.      Persistent cookies, these files stay on your hard drive even though the browser is turned off;

2.      Session cookies, these are temporary and are erased when you close your browser at the end of your surfing session.

3.      Third-party cookies, these are cookies that are set by one site, but can be read by another site.

Cookies used by A&P are a combination of these three types.

Data stored on cookies are constantly analised and provide information about web site use (for instance: web site most visited sections)

Web user’s browser can be set to accept all cookies, accept some types of cookies only, and reject all types of cookies.

We remind you that failure to accept cookies might not enable service access in areas requiring authentication.

Finally, we remind you that at the end of each surfing session the web user will be in a position to erase from the hard drive cache-memory as well as cookies.

5. Link to other website

A&P provides links to external web sites which are not powered by A&P and for which A&P are not responsible.

It will be clearly indicated when leaving A&P and therefore following such a link.

Furthermore please be aware that the privacy protection provided for you the A&P website is not valid when following external links,  the web user must take responsibility, and accept the accessed own website policy.

6. Web data different use

We remind you that only for public order purposes, and according to the national regulations on security and state defense issues, personal data collected could be forwarded to public and judicial authorities in pursuance of their activities to prevent, check and repression of crimes.

7. Verification

This policy is intended to provide our web users a transparent and reliable service and preserves our company values.

If you have any questions about A&P’s web policy or should you experience problems or incongruities between the web contents and this policy, please do not hesitate to email us at:

8. Policy modification

Our privacy policy is intended to describe how A&P handles information that we learn about you when you visit our website.  Possible new regulations on this issue, as well as our constant internal reviews and update of the services offered could involve changes in this policy. We therefore kindly ask our web users to regularly check this page.