Relocation Worldwide

Thanks to our extensive knowledge and  experience in relocation, A&P offer complete support to the employee and family members transferring to Italy, our goal is to make the whole process as easy as possible, in order to avoid the so called “cultural shock” which is likely to arise when leaving the native country. Starting from an accurate pre-selection of living accommodation, matching the requirements already given by the employee, A&P offer step-by-step support at all stages of the relocation process, thus ensuring the assignee is able to concentrate on the job in hand, saving precious time and allowing a smooth process.


  • Area Orientation:  An occasion for the employee and family if applicable, to be personally accompanied by an A&P consultant,  to acquire an overview (practical, not just theory) of the lifestyle in Italy including historical and cultural information,  general area overview of  the city and local towns, residential areas, shops, schools and other areas of particular interest and taking into account the cost of living. 
  • Allocation of Personal Consultant:  The more we know about you the easier it will be for us to help you achieve your goals, we invite you to complete a detailed questionnaire which will enable us to narrow down your home search, and help you to find the services you require, such as gymnasium, swimming pool etc. We also offer a Pre-arrival telephone or e-mail consultation.
  • Home Search Assistance:  A local consultant agent will arrange and accompany you to visit pre-selected properties according to the information given previously taking into account your budget and desired amenities. You will receive ongoing support to understand the local market, rental or purchase procedures, local customs and regulations.  Review of any contract or lease is provided.
  • School Search:  Finding the right school is one of the most important aspects of the relocation for families moving with their children.  Initial discussion re requirements, recommendation of local schools, accompanied school appointments and application of enrollment assistance.
  • Lease Negotiation and  Rental Agreement, English Translation:  Once you have chosen the desired property, full support is given, drafting of the lease contract, advanced payment to the real estate agency and  lease registration fees, organise payment for the first months rent and safety deposit payment.
  •  Check-In to Property:  Your consultant will meet with the employee and the landlord for the handover of the keys, to check the condition of the property and to give instructions on the use of the property and its appliances.  A detailed inventory will be agreed re the condition of the property and its contents, including photographs.  The property will be returned in the condition that it has been leased.
  • Settling In Services and Help Line:  Personal assistance is provided to set up the basic utilities and services to the property . It may also include internet, telephone, satellite, TV contracts. E-mail and phone support for technical issues regarding the tenancy management.