Important Note for Qubica Services Providers

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New Fulfillments for Posting in EU

  1. According to Directive 96/71 all employees must perform their activities in the foreign country fulfilling mandatory provisions concerning – Working Hours and Remuneration conditions.
  2. Directive 2014/67 Enforcement of the Directive 96/71,  empowers countries the right to impose others mandatory requests as: –  Preliminary Posting Declaration and Nomination of a foreign domiciled representative.
  3. Coordination with Quibica HQ is essential in order to fulfil all these legal provisions

Procurement Contract

  1. All provision of services through contractors must be provided only after the  signature of a procurement contract by Qubica
  2. The same must be observed by Sub- Contractors

Self Employed Workers

  1. Self Employed Workers must sign the Procurement contract before the starting of their activities.
  2. Must demonstrate their independence and capability to perform the service requested autonomously and with the adequate equipment.
  3. These capabilities must be demonstrated through authoritative  documents: Company House Certificates – Governative Statements.

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