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Professional Immigration Services Worlwide
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20 years of Experience about Immigration Law in Italy

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Professional, Accurate Advising and Legalisation of Documents for Corporates and Individuals.

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Labour Law

Pursuant to Regulation 583/08/CE  and Directive CE 96/71 the jurisdiction of the Contract is influenced by mandatory provisions of the Host Country. A&P guides Undertakings in understanding and implementing employee Contract provisions. 

Social Security

Social Security coverage of the employee is a mandatory issue to be fulfilled in the majority of countries worldwide. A&P checks and applies Social Security Bilateral Agreements and EU Regulation 883/2004, in particular the exemptions mentioned by Art. 12-13-16 of the Regulation. 

Posting Workers in another Country means to fulfill and observe different jurisdictions.
A&P faces and solves all these issues in one center of Expertise, Labour Law, Social Security, Corporate Taxes, Tax for Individual, Immigration Law .
Tax for Individual

Individual Income Tax jusrisdiction of the Country in which the working activity is performed, may rise the right to tax the income of the employee. A&P supports individuals and employer in applying Bilateral Agreements against Double Taxation.

Corporate Taxes

The working activity of the employees could generate a permanent establishment of the Undertaking in the Host Country. A&P prevents the P.E. and helps companies in fullfilling the provision of Bilateral Agreements and OECD Commentary Recommendations.

Immigration Law

The Code Law of the Host Country could impose the application of a Work Permit Visa for the employee in order to perform his working activities. Exemptions are allowed within the EU. A&P helps Companies in the analysis of the Immigration law and in the choice of the right Visa: Business Technical Visa – Work Visa – Exemptions.

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