News on the posting of workers to France: cancellation of one of the obligations

The French Ministry of Labour, through the SIPSI website published an announcement regarding the posting of workers to France in the framework of a temporary/cross-border provision of services.

Leaving all the other obligations for posting companies unaltered (submission of the preliminary Declaration of Posting, appointment of a representative in France etc.), the expected requirement of a mandatory contribution of 40.00 for each posted worker has been cancelled.

The Declaration of Posting shall be completed with the A1 certificate of Social Security coverage, which needs to be presented by the employer to the relevant institutions of the home country and it must be valid from the first day of posting. The A1 form certifies which social security legislation applies to the posted worker and in which country the contributions will have to be paid to the worker, this is to avoid the payment of double contributions to the posted workers.

The elimination of the €40.00 contribution will be followed by an increase in controls and possibly by widening the existing sanction measure.

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