A dedicated article in the Italian law immigration (art. 27) has been thought for specific categories of employee.

Highly specialized employees, foreign performing specific activites, or workers on a peculiar work relations find here their solution.

A comprehensive list of the possible work visa under this article has been listed here below:

  • Highly qualified employee (Letter a: Highly Qualified; Art27-quater: Blue CardArt27-quinquies: ICT)
  • Lecturers in foreign languages
  • University professors
  • Translators and interpreters
  • Training and internship visa
  • Maritime workers and sailors
  • Non-Eu citizens employed by a foreign company and temporarily transferred to a company based in Italy which is not part of the same group but has stipulated an international service agreement with the foreign company
  • Family helpers
  • Workers employed by circuses
  • Dancers, mucicians, artists
  • Artists to be employed at theater, cinema, radio, etc…
  • Professional sport players (according to art. 91 Law 23rd March 1981)
  • Journalists and reporters
  • Researchers and those occasionally employed within youth exchange programs

Highly Qualified Employee Work Visa (art. 27 Lett. A Legislative Decree 298/87). Highly specialized non-EU employees are invited by Italian companies to perform work activities at their premises on a secondment contract. 6 months’ experience is required for the employe plus home and host companies must belong to the same group or at last be in the same field of activities.


Pre-authorization: the Italian host company must submit a dedicated online application to the local authorities and only upon receipt of the so called “Work Permit” the employee can apply for the dedicated Work Visa at the Italian embassy located in her/his country of origin or residency.

Resident Permit: within 8 days from her/his arrival in Italy, the employee must submit a request for “Resident Permit” at the local Post Office. Subsequently the employee will receive receipts allowing her/him to start legally working.

Fingerprinting: the employee must appear in person at the competent polcie headquarter, on the day and time scheduled for the fingerprinting.

Resident Permit collection: once the application is approved and completed the foreign receives an invitation to collect his/her resident permit at the competent Police Headquarter.

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