Italian Citizenship

If you fall into one of the following cases you can apply for the Italian Citizenship:

  • By Birth (Ius Sanguinis)
    Underage children (even if adopted) of an Italian citizen gets the Italian citizenship. The Italian Citizenship acquisition in this case is automatcially granted.
    Same as above applies also to minor children of parents who acquire or reacquire the Italian citizenship, provided that they steadily and effectively live with them.
  • By birth on the Italian territory and continuous residency in the country
    Foreign citizens who have born in Italy and are legally resident in the country, can acquire the Italian citizenship when they turn 18.
  • By recognition of descent
    The descendants (children or grandchildren) of a person who was Italian citizen by birth but lost or renounced to this nationality, can acquire it again if one of the following requirements apply:
    – do the military service in the Italian Armed Forces;
    – perform a public employment, also abroad, on behalf of the Italian State;
    – have been legally resident in Italy, with no interruptions, for at least two years.
  • By marriage to  an Italian Citizen (naturalization)
    A foreigner married to an Italian Citizen can apply for the Citizenship after two years of legal residence in Italy or, if resident abroad, after three years from the date of the marriage. The mentioned timing is reduced in case the couple has underage children.
  • By legal residency on the Italian territory (naturalization)
    Foreign citizens who have been legally resident on the Italian territory for an uninterrupted period of 10 years, can apply for their Italian Citizenship

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