Italia Start-up Visa: the latest Italian policy to attract and retain non-EU innovative entrepreneurs

Fast-truck Visa application procedures for non-Eu innovators

The Italian Ministry of Economics has recently introduced a tailor-made fast-truck Visa procedure for non-Eu innovative entrepreneurs who wish to establish their innovative business in our country. The so-called Italia Start-up Visa gives evidence of the Italian Government’s effort to promote high-skilled innovators from all over the word enabling their participation in the development of a robust start-up ecosystem.

Accordingly high-qualified non-Eu workers whose business is related to the field of innovation and technology (as defined by Article 25 of Law 221/2012 ) could benefit from a simplified Visa procedure decreasing the application processing time and the mandatory commitments to be fulfilled. The innovative startup status lasts for 5 years allowing them to concur at our country economic development.

The applications have to be submitted to the Italian Ministry of Economic Development which checks if the submitted business model potentially meets the requirements of an innovative startup (i.e. focus on technological innovation, R&D and/or intellectual property) and if the candidate has the required financial resources (50.000€).

For further information please check the Italian Ministry of Economics website:

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