This is a 2-year visa for non-EU citizens who choose to invest in strategic assets for Italy’s economy and society.

The Investor Visa for Italy is a program that has been introduced by the Italian government with the financial law back in 2017 and represents a step forward in promoting investment in Italy as well as an important new entry within the Italian Visa System.

Nationals of non-EU member states or Schengen area countries may apply for the investor visa. The investor visa applicant must be over eighteen years of age.

The conditions for issue and maintenance of the permit are:

  • the investment or donation declared in the visa application must be made within three months of the
    date of entry into Italy;
  • the original investment must be maintained for the entire permit validity period.If one of these two conditions is not satisfied, the investor residence permit may be revoked, even before
    the envisaged expiry date, and renewal is not permitted

The procedure for the obtainment of the Investor Visa for Italy can be entirely completed online.

  • It can take place entirely in English: application forms, information materials and a “customer care” service, as well as the website of the programme itself, are all offered in this language, so as to facilitate the applicants who are not proficient in Italian;
  • It is fully centralised: a single administration  handles all communications with the other administrations involved;
  • It can be completed expeditiously: the Certificate of No Impediment to the granting of the visa is normally released within 30 days from application submission.

See the complete policy  Guidelines

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