Internship Visa


This visa is intended for students or unemployed workers invited by an Italian company to perform in  training based  employment projects proposed by an authorised association and approved by the local administration.

internship visa

Reason of application and length of training

 This type of visa can be applied for by employers needing to train foreign students, unemployed or underprivileged foreigners for a temporary period of time. The length of the training depends on the condition of the trainee:

  • Maximum length 4 months for secondary school students;
  • Maximum length 6 months for unemployed persons and redundancy workers;
  • Maximum length 12 months for students attending professional state institutes, professional training courses,  students who have obtained their college or university diploma and are attending post-diploma courses, even after 18 months from obtaining the diploma
  • Maximum length 12 months for underprivileged persons;
  • Maximum length 24 months for disabled persons.

 Requirements for the application

 The candidate must be included in one of the above mentioned categories. In addition to this, he/she needs to have:

  • Economical means of support covering the entire stay;
  • Availability of accommodation in Italy covering the entire stay;
  • Private health insurance covering the entire stay.

 Application and obtainment steps

 In order to obtain the visa, it is necessary to follow some specific steps in both cases:

  • Submit a growth project, to be approved by the Authorities of the Region where the training will take place;
  • Upon approval of the project, apply for internship visa at the Italian Consulate or Embassy of your home country.

The Italian Consulate or Embassy of your home country will issue the visa in order to allow the trainee to enter Italy.

Within 8 days from the employee arrival in Italy, it is necessary to apply for a stay permit for internship purposes at the local post office.

 We apply, prepare and submit all required papers to the relevant authorities, and monitor the process until the visa has been issued.


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