The Intra Company Transferee visa applies to corporate groups that are temporarily transferring their non-EU nationals, employed within a company of the group, to their Italian company.

The workers who can benefit from the Intra Company Transferee visa are:

  • Executives
  • Highly specialized workers (i.e. employees holding the mandatory and specialist know-how requested for the business area, techniques and management of the hosting company)
  • Trainees (employees holding a school diploma, that are transferred to Italy for the purpose of their professional career or of the acquisition of corporate methods and techniques, as established by the relevant training project “progetto formativo”).

Mandatory requirements:

  • Proved connection between the hosting company and the foreign sending company;
  • The employee must have been employed by the sending company for at least 3 consecutive months before the transfer;
  • The employee must hold the requested professional experience for covering the role, as well as the mandatory and specialist know-how requested for the business area, techniques and management of the hosting company;
  • The employee must be holding a school degree.

Further details:

  • The employees can be seconded to the Italian hosting company for a maximum of 3 years and after that must return to their sending company (maximum 1 year in case of the trainees)
  • At the end of the temporary transfer, the employee must return to his home company.
  • The work activity in Italy must comply with the local law provisions that would be applied to an employee locally hired in the receiving company.
    In details: maximum and minimum working hours permitted, the minimum duration of the annual paid leaves, the minimum wage level, the health and safety on the work place, the payment of the due social security contributions.
  • Such a permit allows the holder to work in any other country of the Schengen area for a maximum  period depending on the country of destination (normally  90 days over a period of 180 days).


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