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The global policy is the basis of each assignment as it grants equity among the assignees, and eases the HR processes.


The compensation and the benefits needs to be designed professionally to ensure both the compliance with the regulations in force, and the satisfaction of the employee, still in the frame of cost effectiveness.


Employment contracts and intercompany agreements needs to be compliant with the legilations of both the sending and the receiving company, to ensure the assignment is processed legally.


Besides the legal aspects, an international assignment requires a specific care to the personal needs of the assignee and his/her family, so the company should not forget the importance of granting immigration and home finding services.


Using a pre-structured policy and contract setup, each assignee is receiving a specific treatment according to his/her level and destination country.


Being supported by a team of professionals in the field, the company avoids errors in the application of the law provisions of the home and destination countries, ensuring a dialogue between the two.


Having the possibility to apply pre-structured packages and policies, the local HR services can easily start an international assignment being sure that all steps will be covered.


We guide the client in providing us all information we need to design the assignment, based on the specific needs of the company business.

We start from the basic information on the client’s general need to develop the strategy that mostly fits the case.

Through our global network of trustworthly partners in the all 28 EU countries and the largest economies in the world, we analize the case and provide the client with:

  • a global policy on international assignments that the client can apply also to future cases;
  • the template of the labour contract to apply to the case, based on the applicable jurisdictions (eg. secondment contract, suspension and hiring contracts, etc…)
  • the compensation package which is the most cost effective for the company and satisfactory for the assignee
  • a simulation of the assignee’s payroll, including the calculation of the social security and tax  in both the home and destination countries
  • a simulation of the company costs of the assignment

If required by the country of destination, we identify the proper work permit/visa for the assignee and support him/her in obtaining it. We follow the case from gathering of information up to final permit collection, allowing the employee start with his/her assignment as per company’s indication. We might support the family too, granting them the access and the long stay into the destination country along with the employee.

Thanks to our network of trustworthy partners, we grant the full support with the orientation and house search process in all the 28 Eu countries and in the largest economies in the world.

From the first contact with the employee, through the gathering of his needs and requirements, up to the real search and visit process, concluding with lease negotiation and administrative fullfillments according to the legislation in force.

Media service is always included as well as bank account opening, school for the children when required and health care registration if feasible.

Our tax advisors can fully support both HR in the home and the destination country, in creating the monthly payslip, according to all regulation in force, as well as prepare the tax return (monthly or annual depending on the law provisions) being a constant referent to the employee during the whole assingment.

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