Circular No. 6171/SG, signed by French Prime Minister Edouard PHILIPPE, on the conditions applicable to border controls on posted EU workers has been published.

As stipulated in the circular, the posting of EU workers to France is permitted under the following conditions:

  • Evidence of the non-renewable nature of the intervention must be provided by supporting documents (performance contract/order placement).
  • The worker must have the appropriate certificate of international travel that cannot be postponed, a declaration on honour that he or she does not show any symptoms from Covid-19 and the declaration of posting (obligatory in any case).

In terms of health measures, given the epidemiological situation common to all European States and given the coordination for crisis management, quarantine is not required for people from the European area entering French territory. However, France has also decided to apply the principle of reciprocity from the 25.05.2020:

  • for citizens from European countries whose health authorities have ordered a quarantine measure for those entering their territory, France has ordered a voluntary quarantine measure, out of reciprocity. For example: since Spain has ordered quarantine for those arriving in Spain by air, citizens from Spain (whatever their nationality) arriving in France by air will be invited to carry out a voluntary quarantine of 14 days.

It is also specified that any health measures for posted workers will have to be applied in the country of origin. At the moment in Italy there is a fiduciary isolation for those who enter the country for more than 5 days; from 3 June EU citizens will be allowed to enter the Italian territory without undergoing quarantine. Therefore, according to the principle of reciprocity, these conditions will be considered for the entry of workers posted from Italy to France.  

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