Family Reunion Visa

The family reunion visa is intended for relatives who want to come to Italy to join the family member who is already living and working legally in Italy

Types of family reunion Visa

Depending on the case that applies, there are 2 types of visa which are required for family members:

  • Visa for family members, accompanying a foreigner who has already obtained a “D” visa from Italy, which validity must not be less than 1 year, for work, mission, study or religious purposes;
  • Visa for family members of a foreigner already living in Italy, who holds a valid stay permit, which validity must be not less than 1 year, obtained for the following purposes: employed or independent work, asylum, study, religion, family, subsidiary protection or humanitarian.

 Requirements for the application

For both family reunion visas, the family members who can be reunited to a foreigner living in Italy are as below:

  • Spouse;
  • Children who are younger than 18 years (adopted, entrusted or protected children are included), from the spouse or born out of the marriage, unmarried on condition that the other parent, if in being, has granted the official consent;
  • Dependent children who are older than 18 years, if they they cannot support themselves due to health conditions;
  • Dependent parents who do not have proper economical means of support in the country of origin.

If the foreigner has obtained a “D” visa for Italy, he/she needs to officially delegate a third person on the Italian territory in order to submit the family reunion application to Italian authorities on his/her behalf.

  • Authorisation from the owner of the property of stay, granting the consent for hosting the family at the same residence;
  • Evidence of the income that the foreigner will be able to financially support the family as ordered by  the Italian Law.

 Application and obtainment steps

In order to obtain the visa, it is necessary to follow some specific steps in both cases:

  • Application for the pre-authorisation to the family reunion;
  • Upon obtainment of the pre-authorisation, visa application for family reunion at the Italian Consulate or Embassy of your home country.

The Italian Consulate or Embassy of your home country (check here the one competent for your country) will issue the visa in order to allow the family to reunite with the foreigner. Within 8 days from the family arrival in Italy, it is necessary to submit all original documents to the Public Office covering the area of residence of the foreigner, and consequently apply for a stay permit for family reasons at any post office.

  We apply, prepare and submit all required papers to the relevant authorities, monitor the process until the visa has been issued.

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