Dr. Alessandro Arletti teaching at Bologna University Business School

Alessandro Arletti joined Bologna Business School in 2016 and delivers the course International HR Management together with Prof. John Geary.

He is a Chartered and Accountant and a graduate of Economics and Business at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia. A native of Modena, he possesses an extensive portfolio of experience as a Consultant in areas such as a International Taxation, EU and Bilateral Social Security Agreements, Employment Law Jurisdiction and Immigration Law. In 1998 he founded Arletti & Partners Consulting Firm, with which he has supported multinational companies for over  twenty years.
Mr. Arletti has provided professional training and lectures for a wide range of organizations, enterprises and public bodies around Italy.

Read more at http://bolognabusinessschool.com/hp/faculty/arletti/

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