The Blue Card in Italy (Carta Blu) allows highly specialized workers to work in Italy on an employment contract.

The Blue Card in Italy aims to increase the number of third-country highly skilled workers immigrating to the EU. In addition to that, it aims to simplify their admission procedures.

Requirements for Blue Card in Italy:

  • The foreigner must hold a higher education qualification, attesting the passing of a higher education path lasting at least three years. He/She must also hold the related professional qualification, as falling within levels 1, 2 and 3 of the ISTAT classification of the professions CP 2011 .

It is possible to verify if the proposed task falls under the foreseen cases at this link ->

  • The foreigner must be in possession of the declaration of value. The declaration has to be issued by the competent Italian diplomatic representation on his/her school degree.
  • The degree and its declaration of value must refer to the job in Italy. Moreover, the position must fall within one of the levels mentioned above.

The contract offered by the Italian company must have a duration of at least one year (12 months).

  • The worker must receive a minimum salary equal to 3 times the health expenditure. Therefore, it cannot be less than € 24.789,00 gross per year.
  • The employer must not have made redundancies in the last 12 months due to staff reductions or current employees in C.I.G. having the qualification corresponding to the one with which the worker who does not belong to the U.E is to be hired.

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