Our Specialisation

Corporate Immigration Services

People who want to enter Italy often find it difficult to expedite administrative procedures. Arletti & Partners (A&P) employ highly qualified specialists with years of experience in the field of international mobility, who will assist you step by step in obtaining the required papers, thus releasing both the employee and the company from having to deal with bureaucratic and administrative matters (application forms, contact with relevant Italian authorities such as embassies and public offices, etc.). In addition to making the whole process run more smoothly, it also saves a considerable amount of time.

A&P have provided consultancy services for the global mobility of company personnel since 1998. The A&P partnership comprises of experts in international tax,  immigration laws, civil and penal laws. A&P also specialise in obtaining visas for Italy.

Step-by-step support is given during each stage of the process with the greatest professionalism and the absolute certainty that the procedure will follow the correct course.

A&P offer solutions to satisfy the needs of the largest Italian and International Companies, ensuring smooth transfer during global mobility of the employees.
In order to overcome any language barriers, communication is conducted in English. Other foreign languages are also spoken, such as French, German, Spanish and Russian.


Our Mission

To be the answer to all of your needs

We are a consultancy service that offers an accurate and professional solution to all of your needs involving the international transfer of employees.
Our firm has the advantage of being able to provide your company with a comprehensive consultancy service that covers all aspects of international mobility on both an individual and or group level. Our expertise stems from an experienced and dedicated team of consultants competent in the various aspects of international mobility, who are equipped to give a complete and thorough analysis.

All procedures are carried out in full compliance with International and Italian Employment Laws, Tax Laws and Social Security Systems.

Our Team

Qualified Professionals

Our team consists of  qualified experts, who are able to speak English and have years of experience in the field of International Mobility.

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UNI EN ISO 9001:2015


The quality system of our firm is compliant with the requirements of UNI EN ISO 9001:2015