Become an agent for A&P
With our support, your clients will always be compliant with all the obligations introduced by EU Directives 1996/71/CE and 2014/67/EU.
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- Compliance with national minimum wage and working conditions
- A1 certificate application
- Filing and submission of the declaration of posting
- Appointment of a domiciled contact person when required
- Online storage
- Checking for possible immigration requirements eg. For third country nationals


We created our online platform to satisfy our (and your) clients’ needs in terms of functionality and reliability.
As a result, not only will the clients be self sufficient in requesting our services, they will also benefit from:

A secure database with electronic storage for up to 24 months.

Automatic analysis for the posted worker’s information.

Webapp tool designed to ensure compliance with national minimum working conditions.

Automatic generation of A1 certificate’s application form.


client and agent working together on a document, REGISTRATION AND SET-UP OF AGENT’S PROFILE

Registration and set-up of Agent’s profile

- Each Agent will have his/her own Dashboard. Through this interface, it will be possible to keep track of the Agent’s clients and the products purchased by these clients.
- Through the Dashboard, the Agents will be able to purchase our services on their clients’ behalf. As a result, the client will be given the possibility to place their orders by themselves.
- After receiving the placed order, A&P team will process your client’s request and provide the relevant services.
- Once the order has been completed and the service has been fully provided, the Agent will be able to see the relevant fee for each order placed by his/her clients.

Registration and set-up of the Client’s profile

With our guide and support, your clients will be able to register and set up their company's profile. Client companies will be entirely self sufficient in sending us their service requests (by placing orders).
Likewise, the client is able to register by himself, with his agent’s support or with the support of A&P Team.
agent and client shaking hands, after having placed an order

After the order is placed

After having checked all the information and documents provided, A&P will:

Firstly, identify the necessary obligations pursuant the national transpositions of Directives 1996/71/CE and 2014/67/EU.

Inform the posted worker regarding the adequate behavior during the assignment: working time limits, daily and weekly rest periods, documents to keep available, etc.

File and submit the relevant posting documents:

– Notification of Posting,
– Appointment of the contact person,
– Engagement letter.

Inform the company the request has been processed and provide the relevant figures (HR) with further and final indications if needed.

Change the order/request status as “completed”, thus allowing the company to store the relevant posting documents duly signed. Then, the posting can take place.

Finally, thanks to the special tool, the system will inform the partner each time A&P provides services to the referred clients.


Your reward fees will be calculated on the base of the total turnover generated by the Clients you have referred to our Company.
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A&P has a team of multilingual professionals licensed by the Italian government and enrolled in the National Tax Advisors Government List and Professional Auditors.

TUV Arletti Partners 300

ISO 9001

We got the ISO 9001 TUV certificate in April 2016 and are now waiting for it to be renewed.  It is one of the most trustful Seal in Quality Certification and it entrusts A&P Services Quality Level.


A&P provides services for Confindustria leading Industries Association.