SMIC 2018

From the 1th of January 2018, the level of French minimum wage has increased compared to 2017.This minimum hourly retribution is to be applied whether the workers are employed in Italy or in any other EU/Non EU Countries, as long as they are posted to French territory according to EU Directives 96/71/EC and 2017/97/EU (transposed in the French legal system with The Savary Law, The Macron Law and amendments to the French Code du Travail).


Changes and simplifications for 2018! Innovations have been implemented to apply the recent legal developments brought by decree n° 2017-825 and to simplify submission procedures.

These changes include:

– Addition of the intra – EU VAT number as the main reference of the company;

– Information on the nature of the posting, simply by indicating if the workers are being posted for the company’s own account or for a private client;

– Section “organisme de sécurité sociale” has been deleted and replaced with an indication of the  applicable social security legislation (country) in the “Workers” section;

– Reference to the collective agreements regulating the work relationship has been deleted;

-Any reference to the former “Cerfa” paper forms has been deleted following the complete dematerialization of the procedure;

– Simplification of the section “Frais de transport, voyage, hébergement”;

– Addition of Kosovo to the list of countries / nationalities.

€40 fee:

At this moment no payment is required.

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