A&P Tax Services 

A&P assists individuals and companies to be tax compliant in all countries. In 2015 A&P filed more than 800 individual tax returns, dealing with international income taxation, conventions for the avoidance of double taxation and tax credit compensation between different countries. Moreover, A&P has developed a deep knowledge of employment income taxation of salary and benefits.

Our client base includes domestic and international companies, among them we can mention Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Tetra Pak and other multinational companies employees.

Our services

Italian tax declarations:

  1. Independent coordination with the employee, collection of the relevant documentation and consultation with our reference foreign advisor;
  2. Tax liquidation;
  3. Legal assistance in case of tax audit.

Payroll and opening of representative office:

  1. Secondment agreement;
  2. Bilingual hiring contract.

Permanent establishment and transfer pricing analysis with particular reference to:

  1. The posting of workers to a building site or construction or installation project;
  2. The posting of individual agents acting on behalf of the enterprise.

Flat rates quotations for the fulfillment of clients budget

Efficiency is one of our primary concerns, therefore A&P offers an outstanding standard of service in terms of quality and cost-effectiveness. We believe our flat fees are highly competitive with comparable firms, we work within project budgets and do not incur in additional fees.


A&P works under the coverage of a professional insurance.

Here you can find more details on tax services provided by our firm: