Immigration to Italy: how to legally enter, live and work in Italy

All nationals intending to enter Italy must provide the documentation required to justify the reasons and duration of their stay as well as, in some cases, the availability of adequate economic means and accommodation: the visa is the document which attests the presence of the required qualification to enter Italy.

Depending on the country of origin of the employee, different requirements have to be satisfied, according to the case the employee is a:

  • EU Citizen European citizens do not need to have a visa to move in the European Union territory, however there are specific authorisations required for EU citizens relocating within Europe for working purposes. A&P take care of any required procedure to enable employees and family  members to regularly stay and work on the national territory, throughout the whole process  
  • Non EU Citizen We help you in getting the required authorisations to transfer employees abroad in compliance with the laws in force. We start and follow up any required procedure to enable employee (and family members) to regularly stay and work on the national territory (more info)


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