Business Visa

Business Visa

This visa is intended for an employee travelling for business, who has to attend a meeting, meet customers, visit plants etc. without physically working.


Business Visa: Reason of application and length

 This type of visa is applied for by workers who are invited by Italian companies with the objective of attending meetings, meeting customers or providers. The duration of the visa depends on the length of the stay for business purposes, and cannot exceed 90 days per semester.

 Requirements for the application

 The applicant must demonstrate to have:

  • Financial means of support covering the entire stay in Italy;
  • Evidence of accommodation in Italy covering the entire stay;
  • Private health insurance covering the entire stay;
  • Evidence of invitation from the Italian company.

 Application and obtainment steps

 In order to obtain the visa, it is necessary to apply for it directly at the Italian Consular or Embassy of your home country and wait for its issue, before entering the country.

Should the applicant’s trip foresee a layover in Schengen area, the worker will be required to submit a presence declaration at the Police Station authorised for the area of stay within 8 days from the arrival in the country.

 We apply, prepare and submit all required papers to the relevant authorities, and monitor the process until the visa has been issued.


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